The Fux project is a GNU/Linux project started with the goal of creating, developing and distributing operating systems assembled for various purposes using Linux kernel as part of free software. The Fux project, it develops its operating system in two main groups, Workstation and Server. It distributes the operating systems it develops open source of charge with the GPL (General Public License) under free software.

  The operating systems created by the Fux project use the RPM package manager and the DNF update manager. Naturally, RPM and DNF user are similar in terms of usage and performance with other linux distributions. However, the applications and packages that we have developed have been developed in a long development process, so that our team will examine them carefully and work in harmony with other applications of the system. For this reason, the applications in the operating system work, compatible and error-free on Fux. A large number within our operating systems are available in specific packages and applications.

  The workstation is a group of operating systems installation on personal Desktops and Laptops. Including home users and software developers, is an easy-to-use operating system. 

  It comes with the GNOME desktop manager, popular among GNU/Linux free software. Mate, Cinnamon, Kde, Xfce, Budgie, Enlightenment, Openbox, and you can switch between desktop managers.

  Server group is a set of operating systems that are used for commercial and personal purposes, computers with high hardware capabilities, or virtual machines built using virtualization technology. These computers are machines that provide 24/7 service for a specific purpose and are therefore called servers.

  Server operating systems do not have a desktop manager and visual applications. They consume very little system resources and perform certain tasks. Usage areas; web server, mail server, file server and continuously as they are to reach the desired information system that is configured to deliver to the user.

Fux Server v1.5 Released!

You can download the operating system ISO images generated by the Fux project for free. We are currently working with a small community to produce and develop free software that users can use without paying license and service fees. If you would like to join us and become a free software developer, we would be pleased. Our official websites and update server are provided by NexSoft Internet Services. We would like to thank our corporate sponsor NexSoft Internet Services as Fux Project Team. Fux project and can ask questions on any matter directly or indirectly linked to, you can make suggestions. If you want to donate or sponsor to contribute to the Fux project, you can leave your contact information in the message area. This form is to be sending messages and information in a secure way our official e-mail account using the SMTP protocol is sent directly to the address Fux Project Communication Options: Being a open source software developer, you can communicate with us on any topic about free software, open source, GNU/Linux and Fux project.

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fuat bölük 12 Ağustos 2017 Cumartes, 14:54

Hello Jjenial. You can navigate from the menu in the top left corner of the site. Download links are shared on the relevant page. Fux publishes 64bit iso patterns. By downloading the Minimal Live iso mold you can perform an installation without an interface. The language translation problem you reported to us has been fixed. English site translation is being developed. Thank you.

Jjanel 12 Ağustos 2017 Cumartes, 10:17

I don't see any links to download it! (I run NoScript! = Don't FORCE js on me!) I need a 32bit, nonGUI .iso or pre-installed .vdi, small, like 300MB! Please?

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