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6 September 2017 Wednesday, 01:32

Only by installing Fux is the right to use Fux during normal operation of the software programs. No other copyright or trademark license is provided with this software. THE FUX PROJECT IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY IMPROPER USE CONTAINED IN THE COMMERCIAL LAW AND FOR USES THAT WOULD INFRINGE ON...

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6 September 2017 Wednesday, 01:29

This Privacy Statement is intended to inform you about the Fux Project privacy practices and the options for which information collected by the Fux Project is derived from. For convenience, the Fux Project is referred to in this document as "Fux". Our Commitment to Privacy Privacy...

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6 September 2017 Wednesday, 01:23

The Fux project is a GNU/Linux project started with the goal of creating, developing and distributing operating systems assembled for various purposes, built using Linux kernel under free software. The Fux project develops operating systems for two main groups: Workstation and Server. It distribut...

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