Fux Project

It is a partnership of Free Software community members from around the world.

What is Fux Project?

The Fux Project creates open source software communities and produces a Linux distribution called "Fux".
  • Our mission

    The mission of the Fux Project is to lead the development of free and open source software as a community.

  • The Elements of Fux's Mission

    There are three elements of this mission:

    * Efforts to ensure that the Fux Project is always open source.

    * Create/develop new versions consistently free and open source software.

    * Distributing free and open source software to people through the Fux Project.

  • User base (known as Audience)

    Creating a distribution also addresses the needs of a user base. By meeting the common needs of a large population, Fux encourages the dissemination of free software, its understanding and participation in its methodologies.

  • Our Core Values

    Fux believes that all components of the operating system are always available, changeable, and distributable.

  • our community

    Fux is a bit more than software. It is bringing together people with different cultures and different beliefs, and volunteers who work together from all over the world. Everyone may want to join our community no matter what their skills are, and there is always a place for everyone in our community.

    The Fux community; software engineers, graphic designers, system administrators, web designers, authors, translators and many more will be happy to start contributing.

    We all believe that Fux should be perfect. we strive to grow and advance our community more effectively and successfully by creating an environment with constructive contributions of the participants.

  • Governance

    As in any large community, Fux provides open source software and various leadership qualities to identify ways to improve its content and resolve conflicts at technical, organizational and social levels. The goal of community and team leadership is to ensure the minimum necessary oversight and maximum incentives for community members to ensure the progress and success of the Fux Project. For this reason, the management of the community is largely within the community itself.

  • Why the Fux Project?

    We are always trying to provide free, open source software to do the right thing. By fighting for this goal, we aim to develop solutions that everyone can use and distribute.

    While we develop software, we do not prefer paid, licensed and non-free software. The reason is that these practices will not benefit in the long run. Instead of developing short-term software, the Fux community chooses approaches that will benefit the future of free software.

  • How do I get Fux Distribution?

    Very easy, just visit the Download Now page and use the "Download now" link to download the ISO template. After downloading the LiveDVD iso model, you can write to a writable DVD or create a LiveUSB. With LiveDVD and USB images on your PC, you can try it right away without installing anything.